Basic Boxing Fitness Training Program


"Train like a fighter without the fight!"
Get our Basic Boxing Fitness Training Manual and DVD. This program is ideal for fitness enthusiasts who want to learn Boxing for fitness and fun!

INCLUDED – A VIDEO DVD filled with easy-to-follow video instruction.

Get the Basic Boxing Fitness DVD, featuring Professional Boxer and Boxing Fitness Pioneer Tony Spain.

Content includes over 20 professionally shot video clips. Learn proper technique and get started in Boxing Fitness:
Wrap hands and put on gloves correctly.
Warm up routines.
Proper stance and footwork.
Power right.
Upper cut.
Basic defense.
From defense to offense.
Punch drills.
Shadow boxing and focus mitts.
Unique workout routines.
Closing out the workout.

INCLUDED - The Boxing Fitness Workout Manual.

You receive everything you need to know about Boxing Fitness technique and workout routines, in step-by-step format and with 114 photos of REAL PEOPLE to demonstrate right and wrong form and technique. When we say everything is included, we mean it: getting started, safety, warming up, basic stance, basic punches, mitt training, combinations, defense, conditioning, core training, self-defense, strength training, workouts and programs for different types of clients, agility and moving around, nutrition, motivating clients, AND MUCH MORE. This is a comprehensive manual that you will refer to again and again. PLUS, we tell you EXACLTY what you need to do to get in great shape, literally down to the minute with point by point plans.